Tanya Duncan- Managing Director , Interxion

  • With over 15 years in the ICT industry, Tanya began her career in the Telecoms sector with roles at both KPNQwest and Esat BT. Tanya then joined Interxion in 2001, where she held a number of positions before becoming Managing Director in 2005.

Tanya’s customer focus coupled with a strong understanding of both business and technical requirements has propelled Interxion’s success in the Irish data centre market. Tanya has played a vital role in the positioning and development of Interxion’s data centres in Ireland.

Tanya holds a degree in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin as well as a postgraduate qualification in Business Studies. She has extensive experience in the management of complex customer environments, capital-intensive projects, as well as in strategic business development. 

In addition, Tanya is the Vice Chair of the Telecoms Internet Federation Outsourcing Group in Ireland


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