Aidan Lehane – CEO & Managing Director, Pay Per Click Ireland LTD

    • Aidan Lehane – CEO & Managing Director, Pay Per Click Ireland LTD's presentations

    Aidan Lehane is a leading digital marketing specialist based in Dublin city centre. Having spent almost a decade working with some of the largest software and financial companies in Ireland including Microsoft and Irish Life, Aidan knows what works and what doesn’t work in the IT industry. Pay Per Click Ireland LTD has been growing from strength to strength under Aidan’s guidance over the past 3 years. Specialising in Google Adwords, SEO & Web Design, Aidan has a wealth of knowledge which he has broken into 4 key success areas for his talk at the Construction Expo.

    1. Having A Great Website. – Characteristics Of A Great WordPress Website.
    2. Driving Traffic Through SEO. – Tips For Driving Relevant Traffic To Your Website.
    3. Online Advertising. – How Adwords Works & How To Win.
    4. Effective Measurement. – Google Tag Manager – What gets measured, Gets Improved.




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